Wednesday, October 26, 2016

2016 Great Communicators Tournament tonight

The liberty movement lacks great communicators – people that penetrate and
persuade effectively. For liberty to prevail on a sustained basis, we have to solve
this problem or we’ll continue to win the battle of ideas, but lose the policy and 
political debates that decide electoral outcomes. Think Freely Media addresses 
this challenge by sponsoring the Great Communicators Tournament. An annual 
event, our goal is to identify, from within the liberty movement or beyond, and 
promote individuals who can effectively and persuasively discuss and defend 
the free market and the benefits of individual freedom.
The tournament kicks off with an online contest, where contestants submit 
short videos that make arguments that meet our requirements. The videos 
are posted to our website, our staff and judges deliberate and a group of 
semi-finalists are identified. These semi-finalists are brought together for 
several rounds of in-person competition and the winners of these semi-final 
rounds advance to the final round of competition. In the final round, the
contestants are judged by an all-star panel as they give prepared speeches
and answer questions on the fly. The judging panel deliberates and identifies
a winner, using our guiding criteria and our Great Communicator is awarded
a cash prize of $10,000.
Contestants are asked to make an emotionally compelling moral argument that takes the free market or pro-liberty position on a current public policy issue. As the contestants formulate their arguments, we ask that they:
  • take the moral high ground
  • be hopeful and aspirational
  • address the issue of fairness or inequality
  • put the other side on the defense
  • communicate the value of freedom and increase the audience’s demand for it
  • use storytelling to make their case


$10,000First Place
$5,000Second Place
$2,500Third Place


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