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Libertarian calendar for June 2017

June 3

Washington, D.C.

LOLA conference on economics
10 am - 5 pm

Leadership Institute

1101 N Highland St, Arlington, VA 22201-2807, United States

The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) has put together a special course to teach all about economics in just one day! This one, organized by LOLA, is just for ladies of liberty. We'll discuss what works for us to share the ideas of economic liberty and learn from each other's stories. 

Course Description:

Economics in One Day

Economics is not just dry, statistical analysis or complex mathematical models. It’s fun and inspiring. And since human choice is the starting point for all of economics, learning it should be relatable and intuitive.

FEE's Economics in One Day is both an in-person workshop and an online course, providing an inspiring introduction to the principles of the market economy. You'll learn about scarcity, prosperity, values, cooperation, character, markets, spontaneous order, and entrepreneurship. You'll see the profound effect of free markets on our standards of living.

The workshop is a 3-5 hour, self-paced learning experience with a focus on the humane value of free markets, with hands-on activities and guided discussions centered on themes from Leonard E. Read’s classic essay ‘I, Pencil’. Best of all, it is designed to be delivered by non-economists using interactive, hands-on activities and guided discussions. The online course is a wonderful resource, both as a standalone course for those who want to learn on their own, and as a supplement for workshop participants.


June 11
Columbus, Indiana

Drinking for Liberty
3 - 5 pm

1711 East 25th
Central Avenue
Columbus, IN 46124
Phone: 8126577350

Come join us to talk about beer, freedoms and how we can change Indiana for the better, And don't forget to bring a friend because no one likes to drink alone and everyone needs a DD. Drink reponsibly!

Since 1979, Rickers has been offering Hoosiers quality products and friendly service. In an effort to better serve their customers, Rickers opened restaurants offering carryout cold beer in two of it's fifty locations. Unfortunately, Indiana'a powerful liquor lobby successfully convinced the Indiana General Assembly to alter the laws regarding carryout cold beer sales. Rickers will only be able to sell carryout cold beer until their license expires.

The Ricker's issue brings to light a pervasive and unacceptable set of infringements on the personal freedoms of adult Hoosiers that also stifle competition among legitimate businesses, thereby hurting consumers through limited choice and inflated prices. The state of Indiana is giving Ricker's competitors an unfair advantage over them by using the power of the state to shut down fair competition.

Additionally, by intervening and interfering with private business matters of Ricker's based on Indiana Title 7.1, the state government has also set the precedent that it is the entity that sets and enforces the standard of morality for law abiding, adult Hoosiers, rather than those law abiding, adult Hoosiers themselves who we believe are quite capable of making their own choices, and if they make the wrong ones to suffer their own consequences.

1. Did they actually break the law or did they transgress a precedent due to ambiguity in the law?

2. Did the state government change any laws based on Ricker's style of restaurant implementation?

- If so did they do this at the behest of the liquor store lobby that wants to keep Sunday sales closed and cold beer sales in their own pocket by force of law?
- Which state reps / senators voted in favor of using the power of government to stifle Ricker's legitimate business?
- Is there a law specifically prohibiting alcohol to be sold at the same place as gasoline?
- Is the license under which they are currently operating: IC 7.1-1-3-48 - Two-way permit Sec. 48. Two-Way Permit. The term "two-way permit" means the combination of a beer retailer's permit and a wine retailer's permit issued to a permittee.


June 15-17

Atlanta, GA

Omni Hotel
CNN Center

2017's premier gathering of freedom lovers from all walks of life, with professional networking opportunities, inspiring panel discussions, and educational fun for everyone – all sponsored by the Foundation for Economic Education and held in vibrant and beautiful Atlanta, Georgia.

With your Student/Young Professional ticket, you will choose from 70+ sessions and 10 distinct learning tracks, designed to provide real skills for professional success, combined with a solid grounding in economic, ethical, and legal principles that you won't get anywhere else. Learn how to live and think more creatively and effectively, with the goal of improving your life and the lives of those around you. FEEcon will offer vast networking opportunities and allow you to engage with other successful entrepreneurs and student leaders.

With your General Admission ticket, you will have the best of both worlds – FEE's Annual Retreat plus FEEcon. This will be the conference of the year for supporters of liberty. You will enjoy a VIP experience with philanthropists and partner organizations from across the freedom-loving community. You may also attend your pick of any FEEcon sessions, where you can expand your own education while witnessing first-hand the returns that FEE is generating on your investment in educational outreach.

FEEcon will run from Thursday evening, June 15th, through Saturday evening, June 17th, 2017. The VIP Annual Retreat events begin on Friday evening, June 16th. 

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Libertarian calendar for May 2017

May 22
Nashville, TN

Bastiat Society meets
6:00 pm

Capitalism, and What to Do About It 

The evening will feature food, drinks, great networking with like-minded leaders, and a talk by Alan Kahan on defending capitalism to intellectuals. You don't want to miss it!

Alan S. Kahan received his Ph.D. in History from The University of Chicago in 1987, and currently is Professor of British Civilization at the Universit√© de Versailles/St. Quentin outside Paris. He will be a Senior Member of the Institut Universitaire de France 2016-2021. American by origin, he moved to France with his family in 2007 in search of the perfect croissant. His research focuses on the history of political thought, and especially of liberalism. 
Kahan’s most recent book is Tocqueville, Democracy, and Religion: Checks and Balances for Democratic Souls (Oxford, 2015). His research has been centered on Tocqueville, on nineteenth-century European liberalism, and on the relationship between intellectuals and capitalism, about which he wrote Mind vs. Money: The War Between Intellectuals and Capitalism (Tansaction 2010). Other works include Aristocratic Liberalism: The Social and Political Thought of Jacob Burckhardt, John Stuart Mill and Alexis de TocquevilleLiberalism in Nineteenth-Century Europe: The Political culture if Limited SuffrageAlexis de Tocqueville; and translations of Tocqueville’s the Old Regime and the Revolution and Benjamin Constant’s Commentary on Filangieri’s Work. He is currently working on a book on The Three Pillars of Liberalism: Freedom, Markets and Morals from Montesquieu and Smith to the Present.
ADS Security Nashville
3001 Armory Dr #100
Nashville, TN 37204

Driving Directions 


Hannah Cox
The Bastiat Society

May 24
South Riding, VA

Loudon County LP
7:00 pm

May 25
Knoxville, TN

East Tennessee LP meeting
6:30 pm

Quaker Steak and Lube (Knoxville, TN)
8355 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, Tennessee 37919

May 28
Manchester, New Hampshire

Libertarian State Leadership Alliance
9 am - 9 pm

Executive Court Banquet Facility
1199 S Mammoth Rd, Manchester, New Hampshire 03109


May 30
Washington, D.C.

Screen on the Green
8 pm
2700 Adams Mill Road NW

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tucker Carlson Tonight 5/8/17 Tucker: The left has psychotic break

Hillary Clinton blames gay activists for election loss.

Wikileaks today released a new tranche of emails between former First Lady Hillary Clinton and John Podesta and other of the leaders of her failed presidential campaign.  Mrs. Clinton has spent the week in interviews in which she has blamed FBI director James Comey, Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynch, and misogynist American voters, for her election loss.  In the newly released emails Clinton added a new culprit:  gay Democrats.

"At first gay Democrats were our biggest supporters and most reliable donors, which is why I tried to signal this important community by promoting one of their own to manage my campaign," Clinton writes, referring to Robbie Mook.  "And who else did we have - Donna Brazile, who left Gore in flames, or Bob Shrum, who ran out of town and was never seen again?  We have almost no Democrats who have a consistent record of managing winning gubernatorial and congressional campaigns.  Robbie at least had a few wins."

"But who knew the Mook Mafia would refuse to send the campaign into any state without the right assortment of gay bars to satisfy all of Robbie's staff - leathermen, silver daddies, bears and cubs and otters and wolves - so we never made it Pennsylvania, Michigan, or Wisconsin."

"And I didn't appreciate the way that the increased gay coloration of the campaign led to so much innuendo about my special friendship with Huma.  Friendships between two women, like all womanly activities, have little in common with male behavior."

Mrs. Clinton opined that the current Democratic leadership is spending too much time blaming her or forces beyond their control like the Russians, and not learning from the campaign's failures.  "We needed to get out women voters as well as African American voters - but we also needed to get working class men as well.  Every day during the campaign Americans saw Josh Earnest representing the White House, and Brian Fallon and Robbie Mook representing my campaign.  Pretty, smart enough, but no real men can identify with them and no normal heterosexual woman has the least bit of interest in a metrosexual pajama boy.  Having beaten those bimbos back for years as they threw themselves at Bill, I can tell you they want a bad boy with power, not some smooth crotched Ken doll."

In another email Mrs. Clinton reprises a recurring Democratic theme, how the existence of FOX News should have been challenged on regulatory grounds before it and other new media allowed a silent majority of unrepresented voters to find a voice.  "As long as Trump is appointing people to the Federal Communications Commission and the Supreme Court, we in the Resistance will have to find other ways to oppose the vast right wing media conspiracy.  Every day that damn Tucker Carlson and the other FOX people have on yet another castrated chihuahua representing the Democrat Party and our media friends - Zach Petkanas, David Tafuri, Jeff Mason, Mark Hannah - these guys make Blumenthal look butch!  As long as there is a right wing media conspiracy to portray the Democratic Party as hostile to everything  masculine, we can't win elections outside of coastal cities.  It almost makes me pine for the days of real Democratic men, like John Edwards.  Our only hope is to encourage as many harassment and affirmative action suits against every conservative website, talk show, and radio network."

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Libertarian calendar for April 2017

April 28
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Friedman Students and Activists Conference

9:00 AM – 6:00 PM AEST

Aerial UTS Function Centre
Ultimo, NSW 2007
View Map
Join Australia and New Zealand Students For Liberty as we host the Friedman Students and Activists Conference in conjunction with the 5th ALS Friedman Conference. 

This one day curtain-raiser conference is aimed at students and activists within the liberty movement. The day will feature engaging presentations and workshops from some of the most experienced liberty activists in Australia/New Zealand.

We're also very pleased to be joined by a number of international guests, including renowned Duke University professor Mike Munger, and UK communications and campaigning expert Matt Sinclair, who will deliver a comprehensive training workshop for up-and-coming liberty movement leaders. It is set to be a fantastic day full of valuable information and networking, so we hope to see you there!

When: Friday, 28th of April 
Where: University of Technology, Sydney 
How much: Free entry!
April 28-30
Santa Clara, CA
Libertarian Party of California Convention

Santa Clara Marriott
2700 Mission College Blvd
Santa Clara, CA

April 29
Columbus, OH

Libertarian petition validation party

April 29
Powhatan, VA

Freedom Gathering: The Cost of Healthcare
12 noon

Flat Rock Sports Bar & Grill
2470 Anderson Hwy, Powhatan, Virginia 23139

April 29
College Park, Maryland

Students for Liberty
Speaking Freely Summit

University of Maryland: College Park
10:00 am - 6:00 pm with social to follow

SFL’s Speak Freely Summit is a one day event focused on the topic of free speech and free expression. This event will give students a unique opportunity to listen to, and learn from, some of the world’s most prominent free speech advocates.

Registration: Free, with lunch included, and travel scholarships available

Speakers include Dave Rubin (The Rubin Report), Faisal Al Mutar (Global Secular Humanist Movement) and Sara Taksler (Producer of The Daily Show)

Hosted April 29, 2017 at the University of Maryland College Park, hear from, collaborate with, and meet some of the foremost advocates for free speech, including Dave Rubin. Registration is free and travel scholarships are available! #SpeakFreely

We have an exciting day of speakers and sessions planned. The Summit will be an opportunity for you to learn from, meet, and discuss with some of the best minds on the topic of free speech. If your plans have changed and you can no longer attend, please let us know so we can plan accordingly.

Here are important details for the event.

Schedule: Registration begins at 9:00 AM and the first session will start promptly at 10:00 AM.  The event will conclude with a reception from 5:15-7:00 PM.  Please see the attached schedule for more details.  

Location: The summit will take place at the College Park Marriott Hotel, located at 3501 University Blvd, Hyattsville, MD 20783.  The sessions will be in room 0105 on the bottom level of the hotel.  

Parking: Parking is complimentary for guests of the hotel and for attendees of our event. When you arrive, the garage attendant will ask which conference you are attending and will let you in to their 5 story garage.

Travel: For questions regarding travel to the venue, please refer to the Hotel's travel page. Information regarding airports, shuttles, public transit and much more can be found here

If you have any other questions leading up to Saturday, please let us know.  We look forward to seeing everyone there!

David Clement
Students For Liberty
Director of North American Programs

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy Birthday Sarah Michelle Gellar!

This was published yesterday at The Federalist.

April 14 is Sarah Michelle Gellar’s birthday. Gellar originated the role of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer for TV in 1997 (Kristi Swanson having earlier played Buffy in Joss Whedon’s 1992 film of the same name). During the series Buffy dies (and is resurrected) and we see her gravestone, which reads: “Best Friend. Beloved Sister. She saved the world — a lot.” And Buffy did save the world a lot; but we should stop and ask: from what?

I first saw Buffy in its second season, in 1999. I was working 80 hours a week in residential real estate in downtown Washington, D.C., and could have easily cloned myself and given my triplets lucrative full-time employment. I was an hour late to meet a lesbian couple in Dupont Circle, and as soon I entered their rented co-op I was handed a plate of the pasta they had just prepared and told to join them, because we would have to watch “Buffy” and then write the offer. It was a season two finale, with Buffy battling the evil alter ego of her boyfriend (to save the world). Sword play, martial arts (Gellar is a black belt in taekwondo), incredible gymnastics; I was hooked.
Buffy always had a big lesbian and gay following; female action heroes, anti-authoritarianism, a love that dare not speak its name between a slayer (human) and a vampire, a teen and her friends (“the Scoobies”) who must keep the secrets of their blossoming identities and their after-school activities from their parents and teachers; in later seasons, a major character who becomes a lesbian.
But Buffy had wider political ramifications. Buffy protected a sunlit world of oblivious humans (in Sunnydale in sunny southern California) from a dark world of predators waiting to eat them. Predators who either were the authorities in charge (a Mayor working dark magic to become a pure demon in dragon form, by a ritual that included eating the graduating senior class), or aided and abetted by authorities (Buffy’s bete noir, Principal Snyder). And even when the government stepped in to manage and control the demonic threat (a military funded “project 314” which captured demons and vampires, with the hope of turning them into weapons), it failed and Buffy had to save the world, again. (In the case of the military she was aided by a boyfriend played by actor Marc Blucas as a kind of hunky heterosexual Bradley Manning defector, who slugs his commanding officer and declares “I’m an anarchist.”)
And while Buffy was becoming a cult hit we were all in our own sunlit world, the asset bubble created by the federal government and the Federal Reserve’s inflating the currency to buy government debt and fuel expanding government under Clinton, Bush, and now Obama. An inflation that lit a boom and bust cycle with one collapsing asset bubble after another, from the tech bubble, to the real estate bubble, to the coming devaluation of the currency and downgrading of government bonds. The predators in this case also operate in the dark, with the Federal Reserve refusing transparency and both major parties (aside from Ron and Rand Paul and a few others) discussing tax rates and proposing gimmicky miniscule pseudo-spending cuts, but never discussing the effects of currency inflation on investment and employment.  Most voters and taxpayers are oblivious to this, just as Sunnydale residents were oblivious the vampires lurking in the night.
The writers at Buffy actually knocked government and statism often. Social climbing cheerleader and mean girl Cordelia Chase is thrown into poverty in her senior year when the IRS seizes her home and her parents’ business and assets. Demon-turned-human and Buffy friend Anya is shown in one flashback sparking the Russian revolution, in her role as as a vengeance demon, because she wants to see maximum bloodshed; later when Buffy’s cancer patient mom is facing a hospital that can’t cure her, someone in the Buffy entourage says “I hate hospitals” and ever-Dadaist Anya says “it’s like communism.” And of course there is always Principal Snyder, tin pot dictator of Sunnydale High (played by Armin Shimerman, who had a role as a villain in the Atlas Shrugged movie). This isn’t surprising, since Joss Whedon (who is a liberal, not a libertarian) always has libertarianish heroes in his work, like the crew of the ship Serenity, the rebels turned smugglers in the space opera Firefly, who outwit a galactic empire that created an aerosolized drug used by the government for mind control of the population.

Sara Michelle Gellar is reported to be registered as a Republican, as is her reportedly more politically active husband, Freddie Prinze Jr. One assumes that being young Hollywooders they are more libertarian than social conservative, but I have never heard them interviewed about it. (Emma Caufield, who played Anya for the last half of the series, publicly endorsed Ron Paul.) Of “Buffy” Gellar has said: “I truly believe that it is one of the greatest shows of all time and it will go down in history as that. And I don’t feel that that is a cocky statement. We changed the way that people looked at television.” I can’t help but agree with that, even aside from the politics of the Scoobies, and the show does seem to have helped encourage an endless array of entertaining occult fantasy shows (Moonlight, Being Human, TrueBlood, Grimm). Happy Birthday Sarah Michelle Gellar!

Friday, March 31, 2017

Facebook fact-checker Snopes co-founder accused of embezzlement, blowing...

Katie Hopkins For Donald Trump DESTROYS TJ Walker For Hillary Clinton

Libertarian calendar for March 2017

March 28
Washington, D.C.

Express Yourself or Suppress Yourself?
George Washington University
6 pm

*** Please RSVP at this link if you are attending: ***

The college campus used to be the place for discourse about opposing beliefs and ideas, an intellectual forum grounded in the inviolate principle that, right or wrong, each of us has a right to our own opinion and should speak our mind. That time, it seems, has come and gone.

Instead of “express yourself,” today’s campuses are a hotbed for an entirely different attitude toward those with views outside the mainstream: “Suppress yourself—or I’ll do it for you.”

In place of dialog and debate, students are shutting out and shutting down opposing views. They demand “trigger warnings” and “safe spaces” and cry “microaggression” at anything they feel is a slight—while they themselves commit real aggressions against speakers like Milo Yiannopoulos and Charles Murray.

Why did students stop believing in free speech?

On Tuesday, March 28, join the Ayn Rand Institute, the George Washington University Young Americans for Liberty and our distinguished panelists for a special discussion focused on this question.

The event is free and includes a catered reception, and the first 50 students to arrive will receive a free book. Please RSVP by March 27.


Dave Rubin (moderator) — Creator and host of "The Rubin Report"

Steve Simpson — Editor of "Defending Free Speech" and director of Legal Studies at the Ayn Rand Institute

Christina Hoff Sommers — Author of “Freedom Feminism” and resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute

LOCATION: Room 309 at the George Washington University Marvin Center; 800 21st St NW, Washington, DC 20052

TIME: The event will begin with a reception at 6 pm followed by the panel at 7 pm.

March 28
Coral Spring, FL

Meet Bob Poole (co-founder, Reason Foundation)
Republican Liberty Caucus
7 pm

Wings Plus Sample Road
9880 W. Sample Rd, Coral Springs, Florida 33065
March 28
Dallas, TX

Free speech on campus
6 pm

State and Allen Bar
2400 Allen Street

From AFF, see below. Show up and ask some Libertarian-esque quesitons, if you like, and talk to people about the Dallas LP! :)

"Join AFF-Dallas and the Intercollegiate Studies Institute for an evening with Dr. David Corey of Baylor University! He is the author of two books - The Just War Tradition (2012) and The Sophists in Plato’s Dialogues (2015) - and more than a dozen articles. His current project, Political Philosophy Against Ideology, is a study of the loss of healthy political association in the United States due to the rise of ideology.

As usual, we will have ample appetizers and an open bar. Mixing and mingling will begin at 6, with Dr. Corey's talk starting at 6:30. After his remarks, we will have plenty of time for further socializing, and more informal conversations with Dr. Corey. We look forward to seeing you there!

Oh, and Social House offers free parking in a covered lot behind the venue. Now you really have no excuse to skip this."

Free event. Register here:

March 29
Fairfax, Virginia

Hayek Speaker Series: Immigration & Freedom

The Hayek Speaker Series promotes Nobel laureate F. A. Hayek’s intellectual legacy by inviting prominent scholars to discuss Hayek’s ideas in light of the pressing matters of our time.

4:00pm – 5:30pm
Center for the Arts, Grand Tier III George Mason University, Fairfax Campus 4373 Mason Pond Dr Fairfax, VA 22030
Add to Calendar:

Event Speakers 

Chandran Kukathas 

Chair in Political Theory and Head of Department, the London School of Economics and Political Science
State control over immigration is often taken for granted in today’s policy discussions. Many see the value in welcoming highly skilled and wealthy immigrants but want to restrict the migration of others. Yet who is really affected by immigration laws aimed at keeping out unwanted migrants? Can a free society really limit the movement and activities of foreigners within its borders without impacting the freedoms of its own citizens?
Please join the F. A. Hayek Program for Advanced Study in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University for a keynote lecture with Professor Chandran Kukathas on the impact that immigration law has on citizens. Kukathas’ work examines the burden and limitations that strict immigration laws place on citizens.
For questions, please contact Jennings Kuzmier at
About Chandran Kukathas
Chandran Kukathas completed his BA in History and Political Science at the Australian National University and his MA in Politics at the University of New South Wales before going on to a DPhil in Politics at Oxford University. He has taught at the Royal Military College, Canberra; Oxford; the Australian National University; the University of New South Wales at the Australian Defence Force Academy; and the University of Utah, where he held the Neal Maxwell Chair in Political Theory in the Department of Political Science.

March 30
Arlington VA

Liberty Trivia
6 pm

Leadership Institute
1101 Highland Street
(Clarenden Metro)

Trivia, food, and drinks while competing for world (ok, Arlington) domination? Sign me up!

Are you a fan of life, liberty, AND trivia? Then this is the perfect event for you.

Special MCs Cabot Phillips and Patricia Simpson will be your guides on this trivia journey.

Grab your coworkers and friends and form a team to compete. Food and drinks will be provided as you answer your way to victory.

Register here:

Don’t wait! We ran out of space last time, first come, first served. Submit your team and team name to Deirdre Hackleman at

Teams are limited to 6-8 individuals. Walk-in teams and "free agents" welcome. We will be announcing the fabulous prizes as the event approaches!

This event is 21 and over.

Don't forget to Register here:

Falling asleep in front of the TV