Friday, December 2, 2016

Libertarians on Trump and the election

Timothy Eyer

"I think interracial-married, muslim, gay, trans polygamists should be able to defend their Marijuana plants and homeschooled adopted children with 3D printed assault rifles while collecting rain water, drinking raw milk from big gulp cups and selling loose cigarettes that they bought with bitcoin on the silk road."

Irony: Limited government types voting for a oligarch (Trump), celebrating the death of a marxist (Castro), and celebrating the birthday of fascist (Pinochet).
With that, I'm re-registering as dts.

   Puneet Jain
New Delhi
when you climb the alps you climb alone. but when you climb the everest you use a sherpa. the same in an economy. when your'e growing, you can afford american labor and american software engineers. but when you become the richest economy in the world, you need to outsource or issue h1b for cheaper workforce, as it is a natural phenomenon of a developed economy. it just dosen't work out otherwise. american labor gets too expensive to hire. its possible for a start up entrepreneur to do everything himself. but even he ends up hiring when he grows. same way it is not possible for usa to avoid hiring cheap mexican labor or cheaper indian software engineers. but then where do the unemployed american labor and engineers go ? why does unemployment exist ? its due to high taxation and restrictions on businesses. if taxes are reduced, then businesses will flourish more and hire more on one hand and on the other hand even the unemployed americans will be able to work for a lesser salary, due to a lesser tax burden and cheaper cost of rent, services and goods due to greater supply (after low tax is implemented). having said that just reducing tax will not ensure full employment for americans. side by side h1b and mexican labor is necessary, to let the market function freely and level out in a natural way depending upon the demand and supply. or else the american companies will either close down or move overseas. that will result in greater unemployment. an open economy not only helps poor countries to benefit at the expense of the rich ones but simultaneously the rich countries also benefit in terms of greater profits, greater exports, innovation and cheaper global competitiveness in the outside world. as usa needs mexico and china and india, same way usa needs china, india and mexico which give american companies and opportunity to enter overseas. there is no limit to racism and regulations. both sides lose an opportunity to grow fast and the country which has the most open trade policy wins in the end. india banned coke and few other giants in 1970 and in the end lost and begged them to come back in 1991. donald trump understands all that, but he has used the anger of the unemployed to his own advantage.


Christina Tobin

Gov. Gary Johnson was a HUGE disappointment this cycle. Libertarian Party Leaders have messaged me stating they found him to be a nasty person. Unfortunately, I agree with them. He has a reputation of randomly yelling at people and even his own staff. No one should be treated this way. I personally saw this happen. It was scary. I plan on writing about this in greater detail in the near future. On a positive note The National Libertarian Party was a delight to work with this cycle specifically their National Chair Nicholas J. Sarwark + Ballot Access Experts Ken MoellmanBill Redpath and others did an extraordinary job getting on the ballot in 50 states plus D.C. Their statewide leaders might even be cooler. ;) I sense the Libertarians will choose a better candidate in 2020. #MoreVoicesMoreChoices

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