Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Rand Paul on Obamacare 2.0

Reinventing A New Direction
Dear Patriot, for weeks I’ve been warning that the House leadership could be selling out the people that put them in office.  
That happened yesterday when they finally released the text of their “Obamacare Lite” plan.
You may recall, I spent a few days trying to get them to release their then-secret plan, that they were keeping under lock and key.
I liked it better when I couldn’t find it.
I won’t hold back – as is, this plan is a disaster filled with more taxes, more mandates, and more subsidies.  It will not lower costs. It will not fix our broken healthcare system.
I will fight them.  I hope you will too.
We are hitting a very crucial point in this battle, and I need you by my side.
Will you help me show my colleagues that Americans are ready to stand with them if they do the right thing?  Add your name to the Real Repeal and Replace Coalition today.
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I can’t stress enough – our time is short and the pressure is on.
But there is hope.  
Today I held a press conference with some of my colleagues from the House and Senate who believe, like you and I do, that we must not have Obamacare Lite.
And as it stands right now, we may well have the votes to stop the House Leadership’s disastrous plan – but only if we keep everyone standing firm.
That’s where you come in. 
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The special interests and the DC establishment will be putting heavy pressure on everyone at that press conference.
They’ll want us to give in, to let them say they repealed Obamacare, even though they left in place 
  • Mandates on what plans must cover
  • The so-called “Cadillac Tax” that taxes the best insurance 
  • Massive Subsidies renames as “refundable tax credits”
  • A $100 billion dollar insurance company bailout
This plan is so bad they even left in the one thing that every Republican is supposed to be against.  The thing that we went to the Supreme Court to try to stop – they left in a massive penalty if you don’t buy insurance.
You and I cannot let it stand.  I’m leading the fight, and your support for RANDPAC helps us reach hundreds of thousands of more Americans to make sure their voice is heard.
The House Republicans want this bill to pass quietly. They don’t want a spotlight on it.
That’s why I’m counting on your to make sure they don’t win.
Let’s fight.  Let’s stand up and say REAL REPEAL ONLY.  

In Liberty, 
Rand Paul
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