Saturday, July 22, 2017

Libertarian calendar for July 2017

July 19-22

Las Vegas, NV

FreedomFest has been the groundbreaking, pioneering liberty event for 10 years. And we're celebrating, big time.
Will you be there... 
When Matt Kibbe of Free the People interviews two of the most libertarian heroes in Washington - Senator Mike Lee and Representative Thomas Massie - on "Defending Liberty in the Era of Trump"?
Defending Liberty in the Era of Trump
Will you be there... 
When the historic photograph of The Top 100 Most Influential Libertarians is taken on the FreedomFest stage? All your libertarian heroes in one spot for this one-of-a-kind photo!
50 Most Influential Libertarians
Will you be there... 
When Steve Forbes celebrates his 70th birthday (along with the FreedomFest 10th anniversary) at our fabulous Saturday Night Banquet?
Celebrate Steve Forbes' 70th Birthday Party
Will you be there...
When the legendary Bob Chitester of Free to Choose interviews dynamic Lisa Kennedy of Fox News all about "Supernovas of Information"?
Will you be there when... 
  • FreedomFest celebrates its big 10th Anniversary?
  • We award the 2017 Anthem Film awards?
  • John Stossel reveals his confrontations with Trump, Turner and the media?
  • Greg Gutfeld speaks at FreedomFest for the first time?
  • We put the police on trial?
  • Naomi Brockwell takes the stage as our emcee?
  • Jim Rogers gives his latest investment forecast?
  • A new Trump Debate threatens to get even more explosive?
  • The Pitch Tank sequel honors a new big business idea in front of you and our celebrity judges?
  • William Shatner addresses our FreedomFest audience, going where no Hollywood actor has gone before?
Be there when it ALL Happens!
Don't miss out on the historic, exciting, once-in-a-lifetime events at FreedomFest 2017 "Exploring New Frontiers"!
Register today and come explore new frontiers with us. Use code REASON100 for $100 off your registration.
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July 20
Nashville, TN

Liberty on the Rocks

July 21-22
Quezon, Philippines

Students for Liberty conference
#68 Scout Tuazon corner Scout Madrinan Streets, South Triangle, 1103 Quezon City, Philippines

Register with your friends for FREE here:

A conference to gather minds of all ages who want to learn, speak about, or discuss the ideas of liberty. This 2-day conference will be packed with panel discussions and talks on different topics relating to our theme "live freely, live fully."

Our theme "live freely, live fully" is about focusing on ways to find and live with freedom in this slowly becoming unfree world. Our speakers will focus on both theoretical and practical things to think about and act on in this modern world of regulations and barriers that hinder human progress. 

Individuals always find ways to go around obstacles. When before information was controlled by authoritarian regimes because print media can easily be manipulated, now we have the internet and social media, giving us the power to disseminate information as fast as clicking a button. These kinds of things are the hallmark of human creativity and creation that allow others to live without fear. Living freely, living fully.

#PHSFLC17 #LiveFreelyLiveFully

July 24
Washington, D.C.

Austin Petersen for Senate fundraiser
Time/location TBD

July 26
Washington, D.C.

Safe Access DC Meeting

6:30 pm

Americans For Safe Access
1624 U Street NW, Suite 200

With DCMJ's bi-weekly Planning Meetings on summer break, please consider attending the upcoming Safe Access DC meeting!
WHO: Medical cannabis patients, supporters of medical cannabis reform in DC, and (new) members of Safe Access DC
WHAT: The second meeting of Safe Access DC in 2017

WHY: It's time for DC's medical cannabis patient advocates to unite!

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