Thursday, July 20, 2017

Shocker: Libertarian Party also colluded with Russia during campaign

Benedict writes on Facebook:

I communicated with the Russians in September as well. My comments to a journalist with the Russian newspaper "Izvestia" below. 
Question from Izvestia: Could you outline the key differences in how Russia is perceived by the Democrats and the Republicans, in your opinion? Which party is more inclined to cooperate with Moscow? What is your party's attitude towards Russia? Will your party be ready to restore the U.S.-Russia relation? 
(photo credit: Judd Weiss)
My response: While Democrats may say things that sound more peaceful than Republicans when it comes to dealing with other countries such as Russia, most actions taken by Republican and Democratic leadership are the same. Republicans and Democrats alike support an aggressive military, have supported bombing and invading numerous countries in the Middle East and elsewhere, and have supported global spying operations. In contrast, Libertarians support a non-interventionist foreign policy. In other words Libertarians want to have friendship and trade with Russia, but stay out of Russia's domestic affairs and relationships with other countries. If Libertarian Gary Johnson is elected President, I think you will see a more peaceful posture from the U.S., something that will hopefully be contagious, and lead to less military spending and conflict worldwide, and greater peace and prosperity worldwide.

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